W O R K  in  a  N U T S H E L L

I've had the great privilege to start my work as a photographer in California, New York and Florida, assisting great names in the music, movie and sports industries.
I now mainly sell prints of my artistic ventures and continue collaborations with other creatives and clients for portraits or other projects. Share your visions! I'd be honored to partake in them.


The blog is my diary. 

Taking pictures truly deepens my heart connection. In each new day lays the opportunity to discover new details - and by focusing my lens, I am really tuning my entire self in. When I take photographs, I feel so alive, so aware of all that has come into place to create what is playing in front of me.  The wind, the light, the natural elements, the weather, the emotions on a face and the grace of a movement - all of it is part of the big production.
My esthetic is very simple - I like to dig in the "ordinary"...finding THE cloud or THE blade of grass that will tell ME a story. The stories are plentiful, and often overlooked!                                                                           Because love is everywhere - now frame, focus and click.