Toddler Activities :: Art Collaboration

...or one more way to occupy your teething moody toddlers!


  1. Jonnie-Louve discovers paint.
    Until now, we'd been finger painting directly on the highchair trays, with blueberry yogurt or tomato sauce. 
    I just introduced actual paint now that the twins are no longer putting everything in their mouths (yay!).
  2. Jax in warrior face paint! 
    I only give two colors per painting that mix nicely together to avoid a browny mess.
    It also teaches new little artists how two primary colors combined create a secondary color! (yellow+red=orange, blue+red=purple, blue+yellow=green) (This is how we are introduced to painting in Waldorf schools)
  3. To contain the mess, I keep my little artists in their highchair.
    No shirt on, no extra laundry.
  4. Finger paint, woot woot! Colorful, slushy, messy, pretty, it's a no brainer, kids love it.
  5. Kiddos always help clean up after we're done with a project or game.
    For them it's STILL play, they are very proud of being helpful, and it installs good habits!
  6. We sometimes fold a freshly painted paper in two to create mirrored shapes, rorschach style (like the kitty on the left). Once their art pieces are done and dry, I sometimes see figures in them; so I take a pen and outline what I see. It's fun!