Rocamadour mon amour :: France

The images pictured here are from the sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Rocamadour, in the province of Quercy. For centuries it has attracted pilgrims from every country, among them kings, bishops and nobles. This magical place holds such an amazing and meditative energy. Best visited off season to avoid the sea of tourists; spring or fall being the best times to enjoy the nature around since it will either be in full bloom or adorned of fiery colors.
It is historically fascinating, telling of heroes, saints and miracles.
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We've been in France for a bit over a year now, caring full time for the twins and giving our big girl the opportunity to really brush up on her french. As was planned, we are devoting this (long) sabbatical to adjust to our sudden big family. We are so very blessed to have the possibility to take this time to meet and enjoy our babes without having to juggle work for a little while. For it to happen we nested in a setting that is conveniently cheap, close to family, and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Because why not.
We traded the buzzing of the city for the buzzing of the bees, a much welcomed quiet that suits our new family's rhythm for now. Promenades, organic goat cheese farms, farmer's markets, adventuring thru medieval castles and churches, sipping on wine and cider are daily routines!