Toddler Activities :: Art Collaboration

...or one more way to occupy your teething moody toddlers!


  1. Jonnie-Louve discovers paint.
    Until now, we'd been finger painting directly on the highchair trays, with blueberry yogurt or tomato sauce. 
    I just introduced actual paint now that the twins are no longer putting everything in their mouths (yay!).
  2. Jax in warrior face paint! 
    I only give two colors per painting that mix nicely together to avoid a browny mess.
    It also teaches new little artists how two primary colors combined create a secondary color! (yellow+red=orange, blue+red=purple, blue+yellow=green) (This is how we are introduced to painting in Waldorf schools)
  3. To contain the mess, I keep my little artists in their highchair.
    No shirt on, no extra laundry.
  4. Finger paint, woot woot! Colorful, slushy, messy, pretty, it's a no brainer, kids love it.
  5. Kiddos always help clean up after we're done with a project or game.
    For them it's STILL play, they are very proud of being helpful, and it installs good habits!
  6. We sometimes fold a freshly painted paper in two to create mirrored shapes, rorschach style (like the kitty on the left). Once their art pieces are done and dry, I sometimes see figures in them; so I take a pen and outline what I see. It's fun!


Introspective Blue

That most important feeling.
You know, the one that makes you feel huge and small all at once. The one that wipes all drama from your heart and brings focus to the magic that is unfolding. Reaching deep inside our being and stretching outwards, millions of lightyears around. In an explosion of wonder. That feeling of humility, peace and sweet surrender. Don't you adore it? It is a reset button - "keep calm, and carry on".
Such an incredibly important place to visit, that feeling.
I have infallible triggers for this special place. It all begins with where you look. 
Where you allow your soul to gaze.
Like at the stars. And the boundless, infinitely rich blackness that surround them. 
Like at the vastness of the ocean. That characterful blue superpower.
Like when you close your eyes. And focus inside.
It's most important. It's necessary.

We just got back from a quick trip to the very south end of France, St Cyprien, to visit a relationship that had been broken for many years. 
Funny little things we are. With all our ego and wisdom, we have the power to hurt, we have the power to mend; we have the power to be free, always; and to a certain extent, to set free as well.
Reach out! Mend the broken. Give someone a reason to smile. You can never regret that.


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